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Awards and Memberships

Our centers are accredited with a quality label because we believe so strongly in the process and its purpose which is to ensure your child receives the very best education and care in its early years that we know are so crucial to development. When your child is enrolled at our accredited KiBiZ day-care centres, you will notice the difference. We are actively involved in the professional field and are engaged in good quality. Our day-care centres have received these awards:

Quali Kita

The label from our industry assoc. "Kibesuisse" contributes greatly to high quality in our KiBiZ day-care centres and we are reevaluated regularly.

Network Place of Education in Day-care

We're a member of the network Bildungsort Kitas, which is committed to education-oriented work in day-care centres based on the Infans-concept.


As a member of Purzelbaum, we offer a holistic approach to health, incl. proper exercise, balanced nutrition and educational enrichment.

Fourchette Verte

We take part in Fourchette Verte – ama terra and are committed to a balanced, sustainable, seasonable and regional nutrition.

National Industry Association Kibesuisse

As an active member, we are committed to a qualitative and needs-based expansion of childcare options for families and school children.

Great Place to Work

We are proud to have been certified as Great Place to Work® from Great Place to Work® after a standardized employee survey in 2021.