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The children are divided into two groups. Our covered patio with a playground, and the large terrace encourage children to explore, run around, and have outdoor time. Large, light-filled rooms offer lots of space for play, creativity, and to move and relax. Once a week, we do physical education in the nearby gym in Herti. The kids engage in activities in locations nearby, such as parks, fields, community gardens, and a trail along the Lorze River and historic places. Other destinations for excursions are local farms, the Robinson playground, Lake Zug, and the woods on the Zugerberg.


An der Lorze 17, 6300 Zug

041 740 59 35

Groups / Places

2 groups / 24 places

Age Groups

3 months until (and including) Kindergarten age

Care Schedule

2 to 5 full days per week

Open Hours

Monday through Friday, from 7:00 until 18:30 o'clock

Holidays and Observances

Holiday: 2 weeks in Summer

Christmas Day / New Year's Day observance

Awards and Memberships


Day-care Director

Eveline Odermatt

Day-care director

Rahel Schneider

Assistant day-care director, site manager & professional trainer